We are experienced craftsmen who proudly work with the oldest upholstery techniques.
We evolve our skills and production capabilities, never forgetting our origin. Creativity, originality, expertise, graciousness, competence, transparency, honesty, are some of our principles.

Our history begins in 1993, after years of studying and perfecting our art. Beside always working with the best raw materials, we focus on the individuality of each piece and the customization of each order, perfecting all techniques in order to increase the quality of each piece and satisfaction of our customers.

We have the ability to develop and produce any piece of upholstery, making it a unique work of art or multiplying it and adapting to work on larger projects.

In 2007, we added an important chapter to our history, with the creation of our first brand, Greek.

The first line of products to the mid-end market, valuing all our work and evolution. The collections ranges from classic to contemporary where each piece reveals total dedication to design, distinguished by sophistication, elegance and luxurious character.


After years of working the splendor and the avant-garde of new products, a new search for simplicity emerges. The search for the natural, for the purest design. All the new techniques developed can now culminate in a consensual union between craftsmanship and couture with a new design. A new brand appears in this way in 2013.

Bow and Arrow is characterized by the exclusivity of each product, each piece as a masterpiece of excellence. Quality in all the raw materials used, use of the wood in its purest essence, combined with the naturalness of the fabrics.

These are our commitments, one factory, two brands, we work for ourselves and for every customer letting each piece shine on its own, making our design or using our hands to produce your design with the same essence and excellence. Your jewels are our jewels and we are proud to use our art and lend our hands together to always achieve the best.