M. Campos Silva is located in the north of Portugal in a factory with more than 5500sqm of industrial area. We work with certified materials according to the most demanding markets and we develop our products with state-of-the-art machinery, from CNCs to industrial-sized 3D printers. Our team of 60 employees consists of committed professionals specialized in upholstery production, responsible for our growth and our customers’ satisfaction.


The starting point is the production of the structures. They can be produced in several materials such as solid woods, bio-resins, natural fibers, or bio-polyurethane. These new sustainable materials will be part of a revolution in the upholstery industry as it enables the production of precise curvy lines, low thickness, and lighter weights in order to achieve perfection in execution in both small or larger orders.

In terms of finishes, we have paint-spraying booths capable of varnishing, staining, and lacquering woods, MDFs, and polyurethanes -with the possibility of using 0% volatile organic compounds, and in a vast variety of colors.

We work with different foam types and densities – from standard, recycled, certified FR/CMHR/CAL117, to outdoor or nautic foams.

Following the structures and foam procedure, we start the fabric pattern digitizing and scanning process – all fabric or leather patterns are cut in our CNC’s in order to optimize the covering consumption.

M. Campos Silva has several professional-grade sewing machines capable of reproducing various seam details. Our seamstresses have the know-how to guarantee extreme quality and remarkable precision.

The upholstery line has decades of experience and is capable of producing furniture using ancient techniques from classic capitoné to modern straight-line upholstery. Attention to detail is extremely valued in the culture of the company and our professionals always work with the focus on producing all items with 100% accuracy.

Our quality control team personally checks all measures, finishes, and comfort based on our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certificate.

The conclusion of the production process is the packaging, protecting all items with the utmost care. We guarantee that your order will reach you anywhere in the world in perfect conditions.