The beginning

In 1993, after a decad1e of studying and perfecting the art of upholstery, Manuel Silva founded the company M. Campos Silva Upholstery. He believed in simplicity. And simplicity was exactly how the company started: a small factory, two employees, and a lot of hard work.
Focusing on the high-end market, the company always used the best materials available. The goal was simple: to produce upholstery furniture for designers, architects, and hospitality projects with maximum attention to detail, focus on the individuality of each piece, improve its production techniques, and continually increase customer trust.

The first brand

Within a few years of flourishing the business and building a network of trust, he decided that it was time to create the company’s first own brand, Estonel, inspired by Italian upholstery companies – a worldwide success in the 1990s.
Leather sofas in Europe were a big hit at that time. Following this trend, the newborn brand was an instant success in Portugal. Several trucks were leaving daily from a small but busy factory located in northern Portugal to distribute chairs and sofas throughout the entire country.

Catalogo Estonel
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Catalogo Estonel
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New Factory

After decades of experience, the development and production of upholstery products now run vividly through the entire company’s production chain. At that time, M. Campos Silva sold Estonel products, produced bespoke pieces for renowned international brands, and collaborated on several hotel projects.
With the growth of the business over the years, the need for more space was urgent. In 2006 the company invested in a 3500 m2 of land and built an entirely new factory, designed from scratch specifically for the company’s needs. Two state-of-the-art CNCs were purchased, a technical design department was created, and more craftsmen were hired.

Greek, the conquest

Conquering Portugal was never enough – the European market was the next step! The opportunity to create a more versatile brand was seen and in 2007, an important chapter was added to the company’s history: The launch of its second brand, Greek.
The first collection focused on value for money and the mid-range market. Its versatile collections range from classic to contemporary design. Each piece reveals extreme attention to detail, distinguished by sophistication, elegance, and luxurious character without losing the high quality of construction and high level of excellence. View Greek’s catalogues HERE.

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Greek_Sofa Smart
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The vintage factor

After years of working on the vanguard and noticing the trend of minimalist design in the early 2010s, a new quest for simplicity emerges. The techniques developed over the years now blend between minimalism, craftsmanship, and haute couture and culminate with the birth of the company’s new brand, Bow and Arrow Upholstery Design, in 2014.
With the collaboration of renowned Portuguese Designers, Bow & Arrow is defined by the exclusivity of each product. Each piece is considered a masterpiece of excellence: the mix of absolute quality in all raw materials, and the use of wood in its purest essence, combined with the naturalness of the fabrics.Access Bow and Arrow’s website HERE.

Going back to our origins

The company is already internationally known by its name, so why not name a brand M. Campos Silva? After studying intensively, it was decided to rebrand Greek! We made a selection of all-time best-ofs that migrated to the new brand and also developed some beautiful new products. We strived not only to achieve more success but also to strengthen the name M. Campos Silva in the interior design market. The first official catalog was launched in 2020 and focused on the high-end upholstery markets with maximum comfort and competitive prices. Download M. Campos Silva’s Catalog HERE.

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An exciting future awaits us

M. Campos Silva has recently acquired another 2,000m² of land to expand the factory and build a new warehouse as well as invested in the development of a new department focused on the production of frames. This new technology will help us create products with challenging edges, and even more curved shapes, develop new upholstery techniques, and most importantly, plant seeds for the future that awaits us.
As we say in Portuguese: Great achievements are always born with a simple “murmurio” (whisper). This simplicity served as inspiration for the birth of what will be the most iconic among all the other companies brands. With pieces that escape from the obvious, and that challenge the status quo, the newest Portuguese design brand intends to revolutionize the design market. Access Murmurio’s website HERE.